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Spiritbox is a progressive metal band from Vancouver Island. Husband and
wife duo Courtney LaPlante and Michael Stringer self released their debut
EP in October 2017, quickly building a cult following. The contrast of
beautifully heavy instrumental and velvety vocal hooks has garnered them a
rapidly growing fan base, and hundreds of thousands of plays on YouTube
and music streaming sites. This year the duo found their musical counterpart
in Bill Crook, and Spiritbox became a trio They have enjoyed the challenges
that come with being a part of an independent band, learning how to self
produce their own music videos, guitar and vocal performance videos and
graphic design.
Over the last decade, all three members have enjoyed individual
accomplishments in music. They have toured the world many times over with
the metal outfit iwrestledabearonce and pop punk band Living With Lions,
enjoying the success of being in a label supported band. As those projects
came to a close, one thing became clear: Spiritbox would become their new addiction.   Entering 2020, the band will be embarking on their first tour overseas, supporting After The Burial, Make Them Suffer, and Polar.  Tickets are on sale now.



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